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Advice for Housing Executive tenants

Advice for Housing Executive tenants
Advice for Housing Executive tenants

Housing Executive tenants can be introductory tenants or secure tenants.  You'll be an introductory tenant for your first 12 months as a tenant of a social landlord, like the Housing Executive or a housing association.  If there haven't been any problems with your tenancy during that 12 month period you'll become a secure tenant and have much stronger legal rights.  It's important that you understand, not just your rights, but also your responsibilities to the Housing Executive. 

Your social tenancy can end if

  • your landlord evicts you
  • your landlord decides you aren't living in the property and takes it back, or
  • you end your own tenancy

It is important for you to know

  • your responsibilities to the Housing Executive, and
  • the Housing Executive's responsibilities to you

These are explained in a leaflet on the Housing Executive's website

You can be evicted if you owe a lot of rent. Your landlord has to take you to court to evict you. They should only take you to court if all other ways of getting you to pay what you owe fail. Contact our helpline if you are finding it hard to pay your rent. 


Your tenancy agreement and tenant handbook should explain whether you or the Housing Executive is responsible for repairs.  Ask your local office for a copy of these documents if you can't find your copies.

The law gives Housing Executive certain rights. These rights will usually be summarised in your tenancy agreement and your tenant's handbook.

If you can't sort out a problem by speaking to staff at your local office, you can use your landlord's formal complaints procedure. There are two stages to the complaints procedure. You can take your case to the NI Public Services Ombudsman if you aren't happy with how the Housing Executive or your housing association handled your complaint. 


The points system can be really confusing. A lot of people don't know what their points mean and whether their points are correct. Our advisers can talk to you about your points and your options if you can't get enough points for a home. 

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