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Everyone who applies for a home from the Housing Executive or a housing association goes on the waiting list.  The waiting list is a points-based system, so the more points you have the better your chances of getting an offer.  There isn't enough public housing in Northern Ireland to house everyone on the waiting list so most people will wait quite a while before being offered a suitable home. 

You can apply for social housing online at the Housing Executive's website. You may be entitled to extra help with housing if you have nowhere to live or your current home is unsuitable. 

Social housing is housing owned by either the Northern Ireland Housing Executive or housing associations. The Housing Selection Scheme is the list of rules that the Housing Executive and housing associations use when deciding who they should offer this housing to.

Asylum seekers can’t usually apply for social housing, and some other people can also be prevented from applying. If you, or someone who is part of your application has done certain things in the last 2 years, like been evicted, abandoned a property, owed rent or lied on an application form, you can be disqualified from applying.

When you apply for social housing you must choose the areas where you’d like to live. Most people can choose any areas they want but there are restrictions on some people.

Because of the shortage of social housing some people will wait a very long time before they get offered a property. You could have a long wait, even if you passed the 4 homeless tests and are legally homeless.

The points system can be really confusing. A lot of people don't know what their points mean and whether their points are correct. Our advisers can talk to you about your points and your options if you can't get enough points for a home. 

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